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RPM Fusion founding principles

This page contains the set of founding principles, much like the "http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundations" of Fedora.

Principles we agree on

The RPM Fusion's repositories and the infrastructure to maintain them follow Fedora where possible. This means using Fedora's packaging guidelines (except for legal), Fedora's review process for new submissions, Fedora's VCS structure etc.

We have two main repositories:

  • one named "free" for Open Source Software (as defined by the Fedora Licensing Guidelines) which can't be included in Fedora because it might be patent encumbered in the US

  • one named "nonfree" for non-free software, that is everything else which can't be in free; this includes software with public available source-code that has "no commercial use"-like restrictions

The nonfree repository depends on the free repository; Open Source Software which depends on non-free software is shipped in the nonfree repository.

Both repositories contain only add-on packages and not replacements in relation to the base package set. Whereby the base package set is defined as: RHEL/CentOS + EPEL or Fedora (Fedora 7+)

RPM Fusion accepts kernel module packages in Kmod2 standard.

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